Plated salmon with couscous and blood orange.

Our point of view: nutrition is the most overlooked aspect of workplace well-being.

Leading the way in
food well-being

The Food Benefit Company (FBC) is a social business with a mission of supporting employee (and employer) well-being through a food and lifestyle employee benefit. Located on MLK drive in Milwaukee and serving Southeast Wisconsin, 100% of FBC profits go to solving diet related disease in our community and beyond.

Nutrition matters

The case for nutrition in the workplace

Employees want it

75% of consumers want to do more to stay healthy in the future

ADM’s OutsideVoice research portal

It impacts productivity

81% of workers agree food option in/around the workplace impact enthusiasm

2021 office worker survey

It connects to cost

80% of chronic disease is driven by diet and lifestyle

Cleveland Clinic

The challange

Historically, workplace food solutions have been unhealthy, transactional, or inaccessible to many organizations while being completely disconnected from your employee benefits strategy.

Three plated meals with marinated tofu, broccoli spears, and cilantro jasmine rice.

Our solution

We’ve cracked the code on taking fresh and local food and making it delicious, simple, and accessible through an employee benefits option.

Delicious, Nutritious, Effortless.

Our team of chefs take fresh whole ingredients, locally sourced, inspired by authentic craft recipes to create nutrient dense, fresh, delicious meals aligned to straightforward nutritional standards.

Woman enjoying a cup of coffee.

Now accessible…

At home

Prepared meals or ready to finish kits delivered directly to the home

At work

Convenient, nutrient dense lunches served to an in-office pickup station

At Snack Time

Smart snacks, healthy vending enabling fresh, local options in the workplace

And… Connected with Wrap Around Health and Wellness Services

Options like coaching, biometrics, and digital tracking helping employees

BeFueled, BeFit, and BeFocused

Easily integrated into your total rewards strategy as an employee benefit option

Employer Packages

BeFueled BeFit BeFocused
1 FBC Full Service
  • At-home meal plans
  • In-office meal plans
  • Smart snacks vending
  • In-app meal choice
  • In-app activity tracking
  • Fitness goals support
  • Health & Wellness classes
  • Dedicated health coach
  • Biometric screening data
  • In-app education
2 FBC Flexible
  • At-home meal plans
  • In-office meal plans
  • Smart snacks vending
  • In-app meal choice
  • In-app activity tracking
  • Optional fitness goal support
  • Optional H&W classes
  • Optional health coach (EE choice)
  • Optional biometric screening data (EE choice)
  • In-app education
3 FBC Light
  • At-home meal plans
  • In-office meal plans
  • Smart snacks vending
  • In-app meal choice
  • In-app activity tracking
  • One-time nutritional counseling
  • In-app education

What we’re hearing from participants

Has lowered blood pressure by > 10 points. “Meals have been the highlight of the week.” Enjoying that the meals are filled with vegetables and that they are saving so much time.

Program Participant

Every time a box is opened it’s like WOW – it’s like Christmas Morning!

Program Participant

Is down 31 lbs and avoided gastric bypass surgery that was recommended by doctor in January. Lowest weight in 20 years. Blood pressure in now in healthy range. “…More energy, less winded”. Easier to do stairs and even lifting meal box is easier. Learning new ways to eat and much more a variety.

Program Participant


Creating a ripple effect

We’ve structured FBC in a way to meet employees and employers where they are with flexible options to meet a variety of needs and lifestyles. Partnering together we can lead the way in well-being and set a positive ripple effect which benefits your organization, your employees, and our community.

Diagram that lays out the employer, employee, and community benefits of Food Benefit Company.

Interested in learning more?

Get involved with our mission today and create healthy and happy employees that feel cared for while also supporting marginalized communities in the pursuit of life without diet-related disease.